Graffiti - Men In Nursing

I created this Graffiti art piece as the logo for the upcoming Men In Nursing Conference - Creating Your Own Canvas.  The theme reinforces the idea that your life is a blank canvas and that you can create your life and career in a way that fits your needs and goals.  I want each attendee to select a word heard at the conference that resonates with them, inspires them.   Then, taking that word, create grafitti art.  My hope is that they will take this artpiece out when they are feeling a little down, nursing is a difficult job, and be reinspired to continue to help people in need.


ARTree Community Mural Project

I am part of The ARTree, a non-profit art organization.  The ARTree Community Mural Project started this Saturday, April 26th. This photo was in the morning on Sunday, people already working! It's really fun to work on and the community involvement and interaction is wonderful. We will be working on it again next weekend. Please come by and join in! Take the walking bridge, between Nissan and Buick on Creekside. Turn right on the paseo and walk until you find us.


Janet's First Framed Painting

Janet Dunn showing off her first framed watercolor painting from our continuing watercolor class through the City of Santa Clarita.  She is a great student and really a joy to have in my class.


Linear Color "Wheel" At Oak Hills Elementary

First through third grade created self portraits in a single color.  They used several mediums for changes in color values. Each portrait shows their interests in the background.  I assembled all of the portrait colors into a "color wheel".  It is 30 feet long!  The first picture is a "panoramic", I have never taken one before so it is a little shaky as I had to walk all thirty feet.  The bottom two are details.


Making Roses at Art Slam

Had the opportunity to share my work with new and old friends!  Enjoyed the evening very much.  I think I will make a boquet with the new roses...